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How do I make and save notes in notepad on this OS? :) Also is there anything I can code up within this OS? as in save as .js or .bat .exe etc. just curious How? :)

Hi Sarainia,
yes, you can actually create programs for MainOS. Currently I'm writing the documentation for that on GitHub. To get started, you can follow these instructions: Like I said, I'm still working at the documentation, so it's not complete yet, but it should still be able to help you getting started.

To save new documents with the notepad, you have to type the path into the input field within the save File-Button (eg C:/users/testfile.txt). Afterwards click on save.
You can also edit already existing files by opening them with the explorer. In this case the path is already set.

I'd actually appreciate if you create a program, since I'm just one "junior" developer working on this project.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me :) You can decide for a possibility at 


I see :D Thanks!

Do you have any suggestions of what I could implement? 


Me :)


Hello.  I wanted to thank the devs for sending me a link for accessing the 'dev test' version of this program.  That said though I am a bit confused as to what this really is.  Is it a game?  An OS?  I mean I used to use Windows XP back in the day so  I'm not really nostalgic for it lol.

I'll poke around with it a bit when I get time.  Much love to the devs!  <3

Anyone else who's played it: please summarize what this program is in an 'Explain Like I'm Five' sense.  :)



Yet there's just one dev working on Lindows 2, but you're welcome :)

Lindows 2 is a project by me. ( Well... 🤦😂)

I started this project a few weeks ago because my boss at work wanted me to learn CSS. For some reason I then decided to develop something that's like Windows XP for the browser. Actually I myself don't really know, what to call Lindows 2. It's neither an emulator nor is it really a simulator. It kind of represents Windows XP but it's more or less a completely standalone thing. 

Lindows 2 contains a rebuilt UI from Windows XP and some programs. 

Program list: "Colors" (instead of Gallery in the new version - due to storage management), Soft Excel, Explorer, Notepad, Paint, some Games. Note that some of these might come with next next release.

So in one sentence, you could call it: Windows XP in the browser, made into some kind of game, with more games and maybe no big sense.

Was that five enough? 🤔


Thanks for the (quick) response.  Yeah it definately sounds interesting and I will be sure to give it a playthrough once IRL allows me to do so.  Govt shutdown messed up a lot of plans.  :(