MainOS is some kind of Windows XP in the browser.

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Do you have any suggestions of what I could implement? 


Me :)


Hello.  I wanted to thank the devs for sending me a link for accessing the 'dev test' version of this program.  That said though I am a bit confused as to what this really is.  Is it a game?  An OS?  I mean I used to use Windows XP back in the day so  I'm not really nostalgic for it lol.

I'll poke around with it a bit when I get time.  Much love to the devs!  <3

Anyone else who's played it: please summarize what this program is in an 'Explain Like I'm Five' sense.  :)



Yet there's just one dev working on Lindows 2, but you're welcome :)

Lindows 2 is a project by me. ( Well... 🤦😂)

I started this project a few weeks ago because my boss at work wanted me to learn CSS. For some reason I then decided to develop something that's like Windows XP for the browser. Actually I myself don't really know, what to call Lindows 2. It's neither an emulator nor is it really a simulator. It kind of represents Windows XP but it's more or less a completely standalone thing. 

Lindows 2 contains a rebuilt UI from Windows XP and some programs. 

Program list: "Colors" (instead of Gallery in the new version - due to storage management), Soft Excel, Explorer, Notepad, Paint, some Games. Note that some of these might come with next next release.

So in one sentence, you could call it: Windows XP in the browser, made into some kind of game, with more games and maybe no big sense.

Was that five enough? 🤔


Thanks for the (quick) response.  Yeah it definately sounds interesting and I will be sure to give it a playthrough once IRL allows me to do so.  Govt shutdown messed up a lot of plans.  :(