Version 0AO (Development Versions)

Version 0AO 

(Dev Test 6):

Overall UI Improvements: 

Dragging of programs improved; Dragging & Jumping bug should be removed.

Paint: Mouse shouldn't get stuck anymore, no matter what

Most things can't be randomly selected and/or dragged anymore

(Dev Test 7):

Icons on the desktop should look and feel better: Icons won't cut themselves in half anymore and the whole icon should be clickable now.

New game: David Kings game "Optisocubes" comes with this version but still needs some improvements. Funfact: The game needs less than 50 KB.

Aggressive cleanup of files. This version is a lot smaller than version 0AN. Also images from gallery got compressed very much and will probably get swapped with just colors in the next dev version. Gallery will come back eventually as free DLC.

(Dev Test 8):

Shutdown button in the Startmenu should close Lindows 2 now

Converted Gallery to "Colors"

Optisocubes stores gamedata now in C:/Program Files/optisocubes

"Format Lindows 2" got moved from Desktop to C:/LINDOWS/format Lindows 2.del

Explorer got improved: You can go up one folder now,, not working buttons on the top aren't shown and files get displayed a bit different. 

Explorer got a funny line of code: 

 document.getElementById("gooneup").onclick = function(){explorerdo(newparentpath.split(newparentpath.split("/")[newparentpath.split("/").length - 2])[0] + "/")};

This will be the last development version for version 0AO. 0AO will release later this day.


Lindows 2 Dev Test 3 MB
Jan 13, 2019

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