Version 0AO (Release)

With this version tons of new features come. Here the documented ones summarized:

- Overall UI Improvements: 
--- Dragging of programs improved; Dragging & Jumping bug should be removed
--- Paint: Mouse shouldn't get stuck anymore, no matter what
--- Most things can't be randomly selected and/or dragged anymore
--- Icons on the desktop should look and feel better: Icons won't cut themselves in half anymore and the whole icon should be clickable now
- New game: David Kings game "Optisocubes" comes with this version
- Aggressive cleanup of files: This version is a lot smaller than version 0AN - About 1 MB instead of 4 MB
- Shutdown button in the Startmenu closes Lindows 2. Doesn't work everytime
- Removed Gallery and added "Colors" instead
- Removed unused stuff from the Startmenu
- IOfs got added: Now it's possible to work with files, but this is still in heavy development and can't be used to store files in this version.
--- Placed Format File to C:/LINDOWS/format Lindows 2.del
--- Explorer got improved: 
----- You can explore your virtual "IOfs" Harddrive(s)
----- You can go up one folder
----- Not working buttons on the top aren't shown 
----- Files get displayed different than before. 
- Compressed and uglified most of the code to make it harder to steal and modify it without permission.
- Sure there are other changes, but I didn't write them down. Have fun! :)


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Jan 19, 2019

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