Version 0AR

This version brings the following features:

- Increased version Number to Version 0AR
- Added Hype Chat which is still in development
- Added Changelogs to C:/Documents and Settings/Changelogs/
- Changed desktop background image
- Added Credits.txt to C:/Documents and Settings/
- Added pi π.txt to C:/Documents and Settings/Books/
- Increased refresh frequency to 1/8. Now the clock refreshes every 0.25 seconds. Before it was 2.0 seconds
- Moved C:/LINDOWS/test and C:/LINDOWS/test/* to C:/Documents and Settings/Testfiles/
- Changed filename-overflowing behavior in explorer
- Changed default program position and size

This version removes the following features:
- Animated icon on Desktop got removed entirely


Lindows Play in browser
Feb 24, 2019

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