Version 0AU

This version adds the following features:
- Increased version Number to Version 0AU
- Added changelog for Version 0AT since it wasn't included with Version 0AT
- Added iFrame that preloads things
- Added style.css from the startmenu to the preloader iFrame so it doesn't look ugly anymore when opening it the first time
- Added Textdocument Property. Just type something like "font=Alien Encounters, Desdemona Black, Comic Sans MS, Calibri Light, Calibri;" - Don't forget ";" at the end!
- Set default Font for Notepad to Tahoma
- Added Textdocument Property for Font Size. Just type something like "fontsize=20px;" - Dont forget ";"at the end
Updated Simple Cookieclicker to Version 0.2 - Now you can buy machines



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Mar 04, 2019

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