Version 0BB

This version adds the following features:
- Increased version Number to Version 0BB
- Added folder C:/LINDOWS/system32/settings/
- Added setting for desktop wallpaper to C:/LINDOWS/system32/settings/backgroundImage.txt
- Moved inline to enter Fullscreen mode to script.js
- Programs can now be dragged on touchscreens 
- Changed body position to fixed and (re)defined some other style attributes
- Added support for very small screens
- Lindows 2 can now run on a New Nintendo 3DS (xl)... Sort of
- Improved dragging of programs on computers
- Programs can now be resized on touchscreens
- Improved resizing of programs on computers
- Resized program icons
- Slightly adjusted animation time when maximizing or closing a program
- Removed counterproductive style attribute of Explorer
- Improved Explorer functionality on small devices


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Apr 08, 2019

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