Version 0BD

This version adds the following features:
- Increased version Number to Version 0BD
- Added developer setting (IAmADeveloper.txt) to settings folder and set default value to "no"; If you are a developer, set it to "yes"
- Added program.cmd and set it to devonly
- Added spawnicon property to program.*, if set to 0, program won't spawn an icon
- Added devonly property to program.*, if set to 1, program won't spawn if lindows.settings.developer is not set to 1
- Changed program spawning technique; Programs now will spawn according to their entry in the program list
- Added div for programs in which programs will spawn
- Removed devonly property from cmd
- Added commands to cmd: echo, cls, clear, run, exit, js::native - Documentation and/or help command will be added soon
- Added commands to cmd: toggledev
- Added rain to cmd?! - How to trigger it though? 🤔
- Removed a bug where windows would close when resized


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Apr 13, 2019