Version 0BF

This version adds the following features:
- Increased version Number to Version 0BF
- Added themeColor setting
- Added settings command to cmd
- Made all settings lowercase
- Changed Setting 'IAmADeveloper' to 'developer' and made it a boolean
- Added restart command to cmd
- Added Setting 'darkmode', default value: 0
- Added variable 'setting.*' for settings - If you are a developer, please don't use 'lindows.settings.*' anymore because it will be removed soon.
- Added function to reload settings to lindows 2 so changes to the settings may not need a restart to take effect
- Included darkmode to the start menu (try it in cmd by typing 'setting darkmode 1')
- Added Setting 'username', default value: 'User'
- Added Username to start menu
- Changed look of start menu
- Changed background color of program frames
- Changed icons on desktop from divs to buttons
- Changed close and maximize button of programs from divs to buttons
- Added alts and text that will only be read from screen readers, so blind people may in near future be able to use Lindows 2 - oh, and Talkback on Android is actually pretty cool :)
- Removed orange border that sometimes appeared on buttons
- Function "close()" is now "unrun()". close() will be removed soon.
- Added setting tts, default value: 0 - TTS optimizes content for screen readers and deoptimizes content for people who can see correctly
- Changed size of Lindows 2 logo over the background image
- Renamed img/Fullscreen.png to img/fullscreen.png
- Added Fullscreen button to desktop again
- Added eggpng
- Optimized Paint and added more colors to it


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Apr 19, 2019

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