Version 0BH (30)

This version adds the following features:
- Increased version Number to Version 0BH
- Added notification center but it is disabled by default. Open it by running 'run notifications'
- Made variable 'mainos.*' a constant
- Added deletefile() to IOfs
- Removed progadd() from IOfs
- Added file properties. Files can / must have now properties. Current properties: Date of last save (d=xxxx)
- Corrected multiple errors that appeared because of the new file properties
- Added property "autostart" to programs, default value: 0
- Added function vari(which) - it can tell you a users name or the path for settings. As a developer, try "window.alert(parent.vari('path.user.settings'))";
- Added function isfile(path)
- Added function isnofile(path), which reverses the return of isfile(path)
- Changed behavior of IOfs creation - MainOS doesn't need to be resetted anymore when updating
- Added file property for filetype (e.g.: t=txt)
- Added 'First Version Number' and 'Expected Version Number'. Versions are now measured in numbers
- Added function ifjsonparse() - it parses a json string if possible, else '{}' will be returned
- Added repository, activate it by typing in CMD 'setting repository 1' - For security reasons, yet it's disabled by default. Don't forget to restart :)
- Fixed stuff in iofs.js
- Added property "sandbox" to programs, default value: 0

If you want to have more programs, open CMD and type 'setting repository 1', restart afterwards.

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May 14, 2019

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